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I think this dudes stealin shadowville beats


2:27 pm
October 5, 2011


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Me too but unfortunatly I dont have any that are without tags and I dont got em for cheap.

If you want a tagged beat $200 or a supa tagged is $350 no low ballers!

But for real if you guys could find the person have a good amount of evidence (eyewitnesses from here) and hire a lawyer you could get any money out of this that he has as well as putting some serious charges on him but most likely if he is selling shadowville beats the dude has no money anwyase.

I personally feel for the Shadowville producers as you all are wicked dope and you really can't be making too much money and on top of this you have to deal with people stealing your beat…  But maybe this is your punishment for flooding the world with a bunch of wack emcees over dope beats!

I have enjoyed countless hours of dropping my wack tracks on your dope beats and for that I will always be greatful.

2:51 pm
October 5, 2011


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Yo a thug was feeling emotional the other day so I laid down some freestyles to some sad instrumentals…I think 9 out of 10 on youtube titled “sad hip hop instrumental” were svp beats and the dude's were saying “give me credit if you record” and provided free download links lmao Cold World out here

Stand for something or you will fall for anything.

2:54 am
January 22, 2012


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dozi801 said:

I wasn't going to bring ths up, But 2deep has a beat another producer is selling. It's called Boulevard Of Broken Dreams -…..dID=440980 - # 30 on the Playlist.…..amp;ac=now

This nigga wrecked that beat.

9:19 am
February 25, 2012



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lmao dat's why I only take beats from me myself or Nine Diamond or Don Coda , that's it.

5:01 pm
December 25, 2012


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ive already leased 2 of nine diamonds beats in the last month and am currently looking at “flight of love”. He is my favorite by far. too bad all my raps are just comical and for fun though.


6:54 am
December 27, 2012


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Post edited 6:57 am - December 27, 2012 by turabo40

The least the retard could have done is take the tags off lol but no worries …..
haha look hes sooo though….

i wonder what happened to him after that?

His papi probably beated him with a cane

11:13 am
December 27, 2012



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Yeah those are mostly kids. Noone serious or “wealthy” gonna do this. So pressing charges would bring us nothing sept debt to lawyers and ish…

Best we can hope for would be to put him in jail lol
And puting “kids” or anybody to jail (no matter how stupid they are) is just not our thing lol

1:08 pm
January 2, 2013


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I wonder what other sites do?

1:09 pm
January 2, 2013


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But if anyone steals svp beats again just pm me …. Cool

5:33 pm
January 2, 2013



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90% shure nothing. Best what can do is report them to DMCA and get their site or profile down.
Those are all “small” fishes.
Same like when rappers preform for MONEY with tagged beats lol
But if they ever earn something with selling stolen beats thats in best case couple of $…
They should even pray noone big or idk TV/Movie company don’t buy ish from them cos than tey are REALLY f**ked lol
So yeah…lol
Im not saying this is not a big deal but…you know…