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I’ll find out everything!


3:14 pm
October 1, 2022



Posts: 30


My friend wants to spy on her boyfriend’s phone without him knowing. She says he’s cheating on her and she wants to catch him red-handed. I’ve been looking up guides online, but they all seem pretty complicated and require me to install some kind of app on his phone first, which I’m not sure I can do without him getting suspicious. Does anyone have any advice?


3:41 am
October 2, 2022



Posts: 22


Somehow I think it’s not about her friend and her boyfriend, it’s about you, but that’s just your business. If you need help, I suggest you get an app . It lets you clone texts and calls from the phone you want, which means she (or you) can find out everything she’s interested in. The main thing is to understand how to act after she finds out the truth. Whether she is ready for it.

3:14 pm
October 4, 2022



Posts: 24


It’s a tough question. When you love someone, it can be hard to trust them completely. And sometimes, if you feel like you’re not getting the whole story from your partner, it’s tempting to try and find out for yourself. But is it really worth the risk of violating their privacy?