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Is a global recession around the corner?


2:33 am
August 20, 2019



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That Trump’s attention span drifted elsewhere [url=]Online Cigarettes Store USA[/url] before Congress could even reconvene to debate gun control reform was hardly a surprise. The president has promised to tackle background checks before, only to drop the idea once the mass shooting that precipitated his apparent interest faded from the news cycle. Two sources close to the president each said they had spoken to Trump in the past week, and neither recalled him saying anything about seriously pushing expanding background checks.

But for officials on the Hill, Trump’s latest [url=]Cheap Newport Cigarettes Online Sale[/url] backtrack still serves as a notable illustration of just how quickly he can paralyze the legislative process—even on issues with wide public support.

“There is nothing happening,” one Senate Democratic aide, who asked to be referred to as a “severely depressed staffer who has been through [url=]Cheap Newport 100s Cigarettes Website[/url] too many of these,” said of the current state of negotiations. “This is all Trump. It is all in his hands. No one is talking to Republicans or their offices. If the president says, ‘Yes I wanna do it,’ it gets 85 votes. If he doesn’t, it doesn’t.”

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