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Maintenance of the order of the electrical lines of the mobile crushing sta


8:09 pm
December 6, 2018



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There are actually ways to repair electrical components. After we encountered problems in our home circuit, we started repairing some of the main circuits. If you find that there is a problem with the circuit, the first thing is to see where there is a problem. The same is true for the mobile crushing station. We first need to determine whether there is a short circuit in the line in the electrical component, or where there is no current flowing, which indicates that the circuit is problematic. And when we are concerned about the current electrical maintenance, you can take a good look at the current mobile crushing station in fact, in the maintenance of the circuit maintenance sequence.
The first is to see if there is a problem with the switch. Before the user said that it was difficult to start in the presence of his own equipment, he ignored the fact that the motor in the crushing station had entered the water. After the motor has entered the water, it is difficult to start. Similarly, our circuit sets the short-circuit switch to protect our equipment. At this time, many people will consider skipping the short-circuit switch for fast processing. This practice will have an impact on the safety of our people and the safety of our equipment.
Therefore, from the perspective of the safety of mobile crushing station and operators, professional electrical equipment personnel are required to set a maintenance specification. In the later stage, it can be carried out according to the specifications in the operation. Also in the case of maintenance, it is better to follow the specifications.