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Marine aluminum alloy 5083 sheet


8:40 pm
August 11, 2022


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Marine 5083 aluminum alloy plate is a common product in marine 5083 Aluminum Plate for shipbuilding. Aluminum boat structure, the hull is made of aluminum alloy, 5083 aluminum plate, the dock is made of aluminum alloy buoy & # 8211; the deck is made of 5083 aluminum plate and aluminum alloy checkered steel plate (5052 aluminum plate is used). Considering the light weight of the hull, thin aluminum sheets should generally be used as much as possible, but the depth of corrosion of the aluminum sheets during service should also be considered.
Generally, the marine aluminum alloy 5083 plate is a thin plate above 1.6 mm and a thick aluminum plate above 30 mm. In order to reduce welding, large ships often use marine grade aluminum plates with a width of 2.0m and 5083 aluminum plates with a width of 2.5m. The length is generally 6m, and some special specifications are also adopted according to the shipyard contract. To prevent slippage, the deck is made of checkered aluminum. 5083 aluminum alloy sheet is considered to be a typical marine grade aluminum sheet product line along with 5052 aluminum sheet, 5086 aluminum sheet, 5454 aluminum sheet and 6061 aluminum sheet.
Marine 5083 aluminum alloy sheet can be divided into aluminum alloy for hull structure and aluminum alloy for outfitting according to the purpose. The aluminum alloys used in the hull structure are mainly 5083, 5086, and 5456. Due to intergranular corrosion in seawater, 6000 series alloy aluminum sheets are mainly used in the superstructure of ships. This is an extruded profile. 5000 series alloy aluminum plate has superior strength and process performance after heat treatment, and has broad application prospects in the field of shipbuilding. Mainly used for the superstructure of ships, such as extruded structures, steel plates, etc.