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mHealth essential in value-based care


12:14 am
November 10, 2021



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The use of mobile healthcare technologies developed by the mobile app development company in Chennai will become an essential element for health systems and provider organizations that participate in risk-sharing agreements and bundled care initiatives. Under these new reimbursement models, providers are incented to collaborate across specialty and facility lines and to care for the patient as a team. The outcomes would be achieving therapeutic goals, managing medications appropriately, and reducing hospital length of stay and readmission rates.


8:20 pm
January 18, 2022


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You wrote it right. I agree with your thoughts because they closely overlap with my own. When I was thinking about physical and mental health, I realized that it needs more care and attention, especially in today’s world. It helps me to stay informed with articles and blogs from Help Care Plus, which has long been my main news portal in the health care world.

2:55 pm
January 19, 2022



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Health is indeed one of the most essential resources that exist in every person. If you don’t take care of it, you may regret it in the future.

8:21 am
May 19, 2022


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For at least the last 50 years, different to other industries, technological advancements in medicine have increased, rather than decreased costs. This has occurred for reasons varied and disputed and whose analysis is outside the purpose of this paper. It’s sufficient, therefore, to note the truth of it and move on.

8:22 am
May 19, 2022



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mHealth transforming healthcare has less to do with technology and more to do with policy. The current technologies on the market, have the capability to transform healthcare delivery now. For example, my company uses mHealth technology to drastically improve healthcare delivery in countries in Africa and Latin America (among others).

8:36 am
May 19, 2022



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This is the right time for the mHealth technology to blossom with innovative and creative ideas. In most countries people still trust more in a process to meet healthcare specialists/doctors in person. But more and more people are moving to mobile health every day. They have already started to create medical image analysis software to better track patient health. A hospital in my city recently commissioned the services of to develop similar software. I am very happy that the world is moving in the right direction!

2:54 am
May 26, 2022



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