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Miss Respectful- 7 Years of Broken Mirrors (rock/rap hybrid)


11:23 pm
January 24, 2012


Master Shadowvillian

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I'd say each film clip used is fitting ;)

Help pass this around guys!!!

Withered Wallflower (Nothing is Sacred) out now


10:43 pm
January 25, 2012

KoreanNuke of Eternal Conflict

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LA DownTown


idk…. not my style, but it sounded decent to me. Except for the screaming.

Lyrics were sick as always. Instrumental was dope too.



10:55 pm
January 26, 2012


Master Shadowvillian

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These isn't my usual bag. I don't mind the dark screaming in the second half of the bars on the first part but the chanty-sort of yelling is a bit iffy.

Your lyrics are on point. I wish your delivery was less at 90% the whole time with the occasional throw into 100. I think it should be more varied. It gets slightly better during the other verses (the first verse is the most abrasive).

I don't like the way the verses go into the hook. I like the instrumentation that comes in near the end. If the whole song had some more production on it like this it might improve.

Experimental, for sure. Keep pushing boundries.

1:48 pm
February 9, 2012


Master Shadowvillian

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Appreciate the feedback guys! I always look forward to reading elaborative perspectives from you, KayR. Thank you!

Yeah, I realize this style isn't exactly everyones glass of milk. 

Withered Wallflower (Nothing is Sacred) out now