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More than 400 sets of LM vertical roller mills for metal ore re-grinding


9:01 pm
April 18, 2019



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Application of large LM vertical roller mill in metal ore (iron ore, copper ore, bauxite) regrind process
Used for iron ore re-grinding: SBM iron ore vertical roller mill has been applied in more than 30 copper mines in Inner Mongolia, Yunnan, Jiangxi and Hunan. For example, Baotou, Inner Mongolia is rich in iron ore rare earth resources, but due to changes in the nature of the deposits, iron ore inlays are fine-grained, and the original production process does not achieve good grades and recovery rates. After the introduction of two SBMLM vertical roller mills, the fineness of the slurry after grinding and classification reaches -38μm ≥ 95%, and the grade of iron concentrate reaches more than 65%, which improves the grade of iron concentrate and has significant economic benefits. Another example: Hunan Concentrator is mainly responsible for the recovery of tailings, comprehensive utilization of tailings resources, the introduction of two LM220K vertical roller mills for regrind treatment, the slurry after grinding and grading, the fineness reaches -75 μm ≥ 95, and then send weak magnetic Selected selection. After upgrading, the concentrate grade increased from 62.54% to 64.27%, and the recovery rate increased from 79.79% to 84.19%.
Used for copper ore re-grinding: A copper ore dressing plant in Yunnan processes ore to mine sulfide ore, with total copper 1.18%, of which copper sulfide is 1.01%. The LM190K vertical roller mill is mainly used for re-grinding of coarse concentrate. Before using vertical roller mill, the copper concentrate grade is 15.20% in 2009, the recovery rate is 72.95% in 2009, and the copper concentrate grade is 17% after using SBM large vertical roller mill. ~20%, the recovery rate is 78%~80%.
Used for molybdenum ore re-grinding: The new LM vertical grinding technology is used to finely grind molybdenum ore, which improves the monomer dissociation degree of molybdenum minerals, which not only improves the grade of molybdenum concentrate, but also improves its recovery rate. SBM large vertical fine grinding has been promoted and applied in more than 100 molybdenum plants.
Used for re-grinding of bauxite: Two high-efficiency large-scale LM vertical roller mills purchased by Shanxi Xiaoyi Aluminum Co., Ltd. at SBM have been officially put into operation. Users report that their daily processing capacity reaches 500~600 t, and the product granularity is -38μm up to 90%. The indicator meets the requirements. In the selective fine grinding of bauxite, SBM’s new vertical roller mill will play an increasingly important role.
It can be seen that SBM large vertical roller mill is applied in metal beneficiation regrind process, coarse concentrate regrind or tailings comprehensive utilization, not only can process fine-grained metal ore to obtain good technical indicators, but also save energy and reduce maintenance and operation. cost.
In terms of fine grinding technology and equipment, the price of foreign company equipment is 3-6 times that of production equipment. The successful development of SBM’s new vertical roller mill provides technical guarantee for the complete dissociation of refractory metal minerals, and promotes the advancement of fine-grained refractory metal ore technology. It is believed that SBM large vertical roller mill will be obtained in the fine grinding operation of metal mines. The more widely used.