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My MacBook often lags, please help, who knows how to fix this?


10:32 am
November 1, 2021


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With MacBook everything was fine before, he worked well, there were no problems with him, when suddenly at the moment he began to abruptly disconnect himself, I can’t understand what happened to him, maybe someone how to solve this?


11:08 am
November 1, 2021


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I had such a problem too, at the time of the poppy the beech began to work much slower, there are a lot of background messages, maybe someone knows how to change this, or improve it?

12:12 pm
November 1, 2021



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Post edited 3:49 am - November 2, 2021 by rikkilolli

Hi, I understand you, I also had such a problem before, the MacBook worked very well at first, but at the moment it began to freeze and work worse, I tried to clean it, wore it to the service center, but they kept silent there, then I decided to contact a friend, friend He advised me to go to this url, I completed all the points and the MacBook began to work better. Try it, if it helps you.

12:55 pm
May 3, 2022



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Never ever buy a keyboard cover. You know, those rubber or silicone things all over Amazon and other retailers. I am the Apple Computing Pro at Best Buy and we are specifically taught to tell customers to never use them. They keep heat trapped in and cause your fans to run alot louder and harder. The MacBook lineup is designed to allow heat to dissipate through the keyboard. That’s why sometimes when you’re using it your fingers feel the keyboard being slightly warm. If you put a keyboard cover on, it essentially makes a greenhouse of your computer (keeping the heat in), with the only way out being the fans. The fans cannot handle that much heat; they rely on the keyboard to allow some to escape upwards. Never use a plastic cover. Ever. Also they can damage your display’s coatings if you leave it on when closed because the MacBooks are designed with a fraction of an inch gap between the screen and the keyboard. That would also put the grease from your fingers onto the screen.

1:01 pm
May 3, 2022



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An accidentally spilled drink on a laptop keyboard threatens to cause serious damage to your device, and food crumbs clogged between the keys are a beneficial environment for pathogenic bacteria. Therefore, those who like to eat without looking up from the monitor screen will definitely need a universal laptop keyboard protector . The film will ensure the safety of your device from food or liquid, and keep the keys in a well-groomed condition.

6:23 am
July 5, 2022



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Hello! My MacBook also often lags, could this be due to the fact that it is often dirty for me. What can you advise about this?

6:31 am
July 5, 2022



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This is a very familiar situation. A friend recently told me how his laptop turned off abruptly and would not turn on again. He proved to me that there was no problem and that he had been using it carefully. I know a little bit about laptops and often fix them. The day after the breakdown, I took his laptop to take it apart and see what happened to it. I immediately saw that there was a lot of debris and some moisture on the video card and processor. At the time I couldn’t figure out what was causing it, but then he told me that he often littered the MacBook and once spilled some water on it. I advised him to buy, because the protective case on the keyboard will be able to maximize the safety of his laptop. In a short time, I cleaned his MacBook and it began to work well again.

7:12 am
August 5, 2022



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I still do not know whether to take the cover on the keyboard, because someone says it’s a good thing, someone says that categorically should not do it.

3:37 am
August 29, 2022



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Hello. I recently bought myself a new macbook and decided to use a macbook air keyboard cover to keep dirt out. this is the most effective way to extend the life of your keyboard, as in the site . My keyboard cases are translucent and flexible enough to press on and fit perfectly where they should and I can see them, I have a backlit keyboard and it doesn’t block light.