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Need advice for credit score & debt


5:42 pm
September 10, 2023



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22 yr and I have a credit card debt of $1,538. my line of credit is $1800 and I have the discover student card. I only have this credit card.

I am working in a minimum wage job part time that pays 17/hr in cali (I am still doing school at the same time)

so my credit score was around 740 but now has dropped to 690 on my credit card score checker but it was 655 on my bank app. I don’t really know how this works. how much does your credit score decrease by x amount of points a month? once I have this paid will it be difficult going back to my original score? any advice/tips on this would be great!


2:34 pm
September 20, 2023



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If you have a debt and want to pay it off, I advise you to contact the proper funding a scam team. They will help to delay the repayment of debts and also pay them off in two years. I personally contacted these guys and they quickly helped me solve my problem. I am sure that you will be satisfied with the cooperation with them.

2:34 pm
November 3, 2023



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Hey there! It’s great that you’re looking to take control of your credit score and debt at such a young age. It’s a smart move that can set you up for financial success.

10:27 am
November 12, 2023



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11:59 am
December 1, 2023



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It’s not uncommon for your score to dip a bit when you have credit card debt, but it’s something you can bounce back from.

As for how much your credit score decreases, it can vary depending on several factors. The good news is, as you pay down your debt and continue to make on-time payments, your score should start to improve over time. It might take a few months to see a significant change, but it’s definitely doable.

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