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No two-stop for Max Verstappen


11:25 am
September 28, 2021



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Post edited 11:27 am - September 28, 2021 by pette

So on the medium tire he still had to cover a distance that was not actually intended for those tires. An extra pit stop is usually an alternative, but this was not an option at Sochi Autodrom , he says: ‘The pit lane is so slow that a two-stop is not really an option. That’s why I had very limited options when it comes to my tyres.’ The Sochi pit lane has a very slow kink at the start and continues long after the garages. The teams lose a relatively large amount of time in Russia with a pit stop.

Until the downpour, it seemed that Verstappen would finish the Grand Prix on the yellow belt and face a very tough final phase. Charles Leclerc , among others , who had changed tires much later, had had a significant grip advantage over his Dutch colleague in those final laps. “I knew it was going to be really tough at the end, but don’t forget that Leclerc, for example, who ducked in later, was stuck in traffic for a long time.”

‘I would certainly not call our strategy wrong,’ he concludes. It is immediately apparent from his words that Verstappen was very lucky with the rain. Had this rain not come, he would have driven the last laps on his gums with a chasing Ferrari behind him. In that scenario, the gap to title rival Lewis Hamilton would have been bigger than it is now.