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Put Out a Cigar Properly


11:50 am
November 24, 2021



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How come cigars are never very good when you put them out, then light them again?


3:43 pm
November 25, 2021



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Old Town - Lehel Munich


The tipping point comes about 15 minutes after the cigar is completely extinguished. You must remember that when tobacco burns, various substances contained in it are activated. After the extinction of the cigar, these substances settle in it and penetrate into the tobacco. If you want to light a cigar again after a certain time, the taste will change and become unpleasant. To light a cigar again, completely remove the ash from the end of the cigar beforehand and see the complete guide on how to stew a cigar correctly here . Otherwise, it will be difficult to light it properly. After the cigar has cooled down, the ash will come off easily.

4:09 pm
November 29, 2021



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A friend gave me a coiba for my birthday.

I lighted it, took about 6 puffs, let it go out, blew through it to expell the smoke, sealed it in a zip lock bag.

Every 2 months or so, I’d take it out, light it and savor a few more puffs, then repeat the procedure.

That Cuban cigar lasted me until my next birthday, and the last puffs tasted as good and fresh as the first puffs.

This was in Florida, so I had plenty of humidity to keep it from drying out.