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Question for the diamond experts


1:01 pm
August 16, 2022



Posts: 77


Hi! Question for the experts: is it worse to take your diamond earrings on and off daily or wear every night to sleep?
I’m not getting good search results from Google. I have always taken my jewelry off to sleep. I toss and turn and sleep on both sides. But in general, can someone tell me if I should take diamond studs out to sleep? The only thing making me hesitate is that they’re push backs and I wonder if the backings will get loose. I also take them off when I swim in a pool (maybe once a week?). Can anyone weigh in? Thanks so much!


3:12 pm
August 17, 2022



Posts: 84


Yes taking them on off regularly will certainly loosen the grip of the push back. If they are daily wear types and not that uncomfortable then better keep them on while sleeping.

I wear these gold diamond hoop earrings and every time I go to bed I take them off and thus these earrings are still in perfect condition.