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Recommended Movies to Watch the 2021 Oscar Marathon


6:12 pm
April 24, 2021


Fresh Meat

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Oscar festivities will take place in the near future. This event was held again as a form of celebration for the world film industry.

Even though it is a pandemic, this event will still be held on April 25, 2021 and can be witnessed on April 26 Indonesian time. It has been announced that the films competing in this competition have been selected after screening out of the 366 films that entered as candidates to enter the competition.

Before taking part in the Oscar celebration this year, there are several films that can be selected to watch this weekend. These films, among others, come from a number of streaming services considering that last year, cinemas stopped playing films due to the pandemic. The following are recommendations for films that can be selected:

1. Mank

This film is a biopic of a screenwriter, Herman J. Mankiewicz / Mank. Tells about Mank’s life, whose identity is dim.

One of Hollywood’s golden ages was in the 1930s. This moment is the point of the presence and development of the film and viewing industry as entertainment. At that time the United States was hit by a depression in the middle of the world war that was happening.

Mankiewicz was behind the success of the Hollywood film industry, which at that time persisted despite the economic depression. Among other things, he took part in the making of the fantasy story The Wizard of Oz (1939).

Although his name is not officially recorded in the film credits, Mankiewicz’s signature is a prominent part of the film.

He depicts the lives of ordinary people in Kansas in the film in black and white while the world of The Wizard of Oz is packed with Technicolor.

This film can be watched on Netflix. Mank dominated the acquisition of Oscar nominations this year. The film was recorded at 10 nominations.

2. Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom

Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom tells the story of Ma Rainey’s career. The singer, nicknamed the Mother of the Blues, existed in 1927.

Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom also tells how the management, which was dominated by white people, tried to control the Blues legend. Levee also seemed interested in one of the dancers from Ma Rainey.

This film put two of its main stars in the big Oscar nominations this year. Namely the late Chadwick Boseman in the best actor nomination and Viola Davis in the Best Actress category.

At the Golden Globe 2021, Chadwick Boseman won the best actor title. Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom can be watched on Netflix.

3. Onward

Another film that can be enjoyed this weekend is Onward. This Pixar studio work collaborated with Tom Holland and Chris Pratt to take part in it.

This film tells the story of a fantasy world of supernatural beings living there. Two teenage fairies, Ian Lightfoot (Tom Holland) and Barley Lightfoot (Chris Pratt) embark on a quest to find magical places to find answers.

Their adventure aims to be able to meet their father who has died even if it’s only for a day. In addition, the two of them will also seek answers to residents’ unrest. Is there still any magical power in their world.

Onward has been nominated for best feature-length animated film at the Oscars this year. The film can be seen on Disney + Hotstar.

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