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9:59 pm
August 19, 2009



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iight i think this is low budget,, around 300$ u can get a interface/mixer for $80-120 and the mic that comes with a cord and mine came with a stand as a bundle offer. CAD GXL2400 Condenser mic, or an M-Audio Nova is really good. Also Zinn has the Behringer B1, i've heard they are really good,, all these mics are around $100 no more than that tho. But if you can find a deal of like $120 for a stand and popfilter with the mic and shockmount (nova doesn't come with a shockmount/not nessecarily needed) than thats a good deal. Popfilters r like 15-20$ , and stands are about $30. and as always you should find some good mixing procedures and tips. Hope this helped


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10:47 pm
August 19, 2009

Fims of Neurominded


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anonymous said:

fims said:

i got a 20$ computer mic from walmart a couple weeks ago. If you know how to mix vocals (evidentz has a tutorial in emcee's corner ) it will sound pretty good.

you can see what it sounds like here:…..ZQMahb53CE

sounds good does the microphone look like a little stick by any chance?

Yeah. Walmart doesn't carry it anymore… but i happened to find it at for 10$…..rchSize=30

that's the one i have and they might carry better ones at walmart too

edit: it might not sound as great as most of the mics people here use but then again it doesn't cost 100$ lol. It gets the job done and it's an ok quality which is what im fine with. =] it's good if you're broke and have no job.

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11:00 pm
August 19, 2009


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yea im broke as hell i got like 40 dollars on me at the moment at i dont need anything that high tech. ill check it out thanks a lot. and D-Reck ill keep that in mind when i want to upgrade a little and have some money.

11:07 pm
August 19, 2009

Fims of Neurominded


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It's good for a start! =] you're welcome.

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9:45 am
August 20, 2009



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define cheap budget.

If you got around $200.00 I would suggest getting a shure sm58,

and a decent soundcard (creative Fatal1ty)

You could get these both used on ebay for probably around $100.00

then get programs such as reason, or adobe audition

also learn how to f**k around with the plug-ins which are widely available online.

If you got like $10.00

then you need to stop trying to record s**t and go get a job. sponsors talented unsigned artists in online song and rap contests or competitions. Check us out at - DJ Sift

3:20 pm
August 20, 2009

Fims of Neurominded


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i can do it with 10$


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4:46 pm
August 20, 2009



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I know what it's like trying to recording decent sounding music with little to no budget, but the absolute best advice I can give you is to save up and invest in a decent mic. I recommend the SM57 or 58, they're very versatile mics. Also, one of the most important things to remember in audio is that you get what you pay for. Don't expect a $10 computer mic to produce the same sound quality as a $300 Neumann.

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5:41 pm
August 20, 2009


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Everything comes down to mixing… you can make a cheap condenser mic sound pretty good for what you are trying to do… I would say for $100-150 you can get you a decent start-up set to record and it would be up to par with most cats in the underground spending $1000 on a mic if you know how to mix and take the time to get everything right… And prices vary greatly if you can find an artist who records who wants to upgrade their current system… Also check pawn shops, garage sales, music stores… you never know what you might find… just do you homework before spendin' too much… hit up google and check s**t out… Cool

5:52 pm
August 20, 2009

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lol i got me a rockband mic for 32bucks with the last 8bucks you can get earphones =]

i built my own mic stand and pop filter dont really need to buy em…..ire-hanger