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Restoration-Youtube video


10:26 pm
June 4, 2023



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Does anybody remember the Youtube videos a couple of years back where a couple of guys wanted to show that any pipe could be repaired no matter how badly damaged the pipe is…and they took a cracked pipe with a messed up stem and restored it to museum quality.
They wanted to show that no matter how bad the shape a pipe is in…it can be restored & saved….
Does any body remember those videos and the Youtube name of those guys who made them?
They made such an impression on me and I wanted to go back and watch them but cant find them…so any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.


8:37 am
June 5, 2023


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Have you managed to find those videos?

8:47 am
June 5, 2023


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Post edited 3:48 am - June 5, 2023 by munnatsheikh

I remember those awesome Youtube videos you’re talking about! Those guys were truly talented and showed us that even the most damaged pipes could be restored to museum quality. It’s incredible how they demonstrated that no matter how bad the shape, a pipe can be saved and brought back to life.
Unfortunately, I don’t have the exact Youtube name of those guys, but I understand how those videos made a lasting impression on you. If you’re looking to enhance your own videos, though, you might want to check out tool to add audio to video. They have a helpful guide on how to add audio to video, which can give them an extra touch of awesomeness.