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Safety production problem of sand making machine on rainy day


1:17 am
February 12, 2019



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Many sand making machines are troubled by the current rainy season, and our sand making machine are rainy days every day. But in rainy days, safety issues are very important. Always pay attention to personal safety and equipment safety. Before the sand machine is started on rainy days, all the lines should be inspected to ensure the insulation effect. In the inspection of the bracket of the supporting equipment, it is rust-proof to prevent the loose parts of the parts due to rust, so as to avoid problems. During the inspection, our staff should wear non-slip boots to prevent accidents.
When the sand making machine fails to be repaired, the gravel should be placed in order to prevent the rainwater from escaping the other equipment that affects the sand making machine. At the same time, it is necessary to stand in a safe area and prevent slipping. Maintenance of the sand making machine, comprehensive inspection of the sand making machine to ensure zero failure of the sand making machine.
In the rainy season, the production cost of sand and gravel processing system is increased in the rainy season, and the equipment wear is also relatively large, the quality is not well controlled, and there are potential safety hazards. Therefore, it is necessary to effectively manage and improve the shortage in production to ensure safety and quality. Under the premise of production. For more information about the users of the sand making machine, you can contact our customer service staff, our customer service staff will give you a detailed answer, SBM Machinery welcomes you.