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Sand making machine develops reliability and intelligence to ensure reliabi


1:41 am
April 16, 2019



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As the world’s resources and environment change, we must take the path of sustainable development of environmental resources. But the economic development can not be stagnant, so finding alternatives to the original resources is the key to development. For example, new building materials such as autoclaved bricks can replace the polluted environment and the traditional sintered bricks that waste the land resources. Artificial sand can solve the exploitation of natural sand, which leads to the imbalance of environmental resources.
The sand making machine is a general mechanical sanding equipment used in cement engineering. In the production process, the quality of the finished sand and the fineness modulus of the sand meet the final requirements, most of which are based on human experience or sampling through drying and screening. The method of weighing, weighing, etc., this old method, on the one hand, relies on artificial experience to judge the quality of sand making, because of human beings, the error is large, unreliable; on the other hand, sampling and weighing, although accurate, but The measurement time is long, and it is not possible to feedback and control at any time, and the manual workload is increased. Nowadays, the artificial sand making technology is not very mature. The quality and the fineness modulus of the sand need to be adjusted by people. It can’t achieve high quality, and it consumes manpower and material resources, and its efficiency is also low.
With the development of technology, enterprises in the machinery industry have been developing this kind of automatic control system for controlling the quality of sand. Once successful, the artificial sand making process will have high efficiency and excellent quality. Nowadays, with the rapid development of social construction and the increase of national engineering volume, in today’s increasingly scarce river sand resources, the current imperfect weathered sand mine has been paid more and more attention. The existing sand making machine is dealing with weathered sand. The ability is still insufficient, and the mixing of crushing and conveying equipment is often used. If the weathering effect is obvious, the tail crushing technology can be directly used to carry out the two-stage fine crushing technology. The precision of this kind of matching is too high and the processing time is too long, the efficiency is obviously low, and the traditional fine crushing theory is not very good for the grain level control, so the productivity and power consumption are not very high optimization. , still needs improvement. Product design is the soul of manufacturing. The structure, function, quality, cost, delivery time and manufacturability, maintainability, post-disposal treatment, and human, machine and environmental relationships are all in the product design stage. decided. Based on the integration of sand making machine and computer technology and network technology, a digital development trend has been formed. The development of sand making machines in the direction of automation and intelligence is the trend of the times, and it is imperative. The frontiers of modern science and technology have significant time domain, domain and dynamic characteristics.