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Sand Making Machine Production Line


9:33 pm
May 21, 2019



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sand making machine production line dry lubricating oil lubrication, machine inside the bearing cavity amount of half to two-thirds of each class of work, the added amount of grease. Sand and gravel production line equipment is also available clean gasoline or oil to clean, like jaw crusher, impact crusher, sand making machine, etc. These efficient machines.

Meanwhile, we also pay attention to regularly stop to open the door to observe the internal observation crusher wear, as well as the center of the machine into the feed tube, the cone hat, the impeller, indecent Road liner, circular shield, the degree of wear wearable pieces of wear should be replaced or repaired, should be replaced at the same replaceable wear block to ensure that the same weight wearable pieces. Prohibited crusher process open the door to observe the inner workings of observation, as well as the most important thing is to pay attention to safety issues. Sand production line work process, belonging to high-speed operation of crushing equipment, should pay special attention to safety. The staff should stay away from sand and gravel production line equipment, machine repair on For, it must be operated only after power.

Therefore, our customer advisory prices in the face of gravel equipment (Granite stone crusher and sand making machine) often require customers to crush materials, production, import feed particle size and specific requirements, technical staff, and arrangements for its long-term set of equipment selection programs, and provide personalized design basis. For more details,. We also have jaw crusher, impact crusher, cone crusher, sand making machine, mobile crusher and sand making production line of various sale If you want to know more about our machines and Granite stone crusher and sand making machine In Russia, please contact us.