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Seattle Fact Finding Trip


12:18 pm
September 23, 2022



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Dear Friends,

Am going on a fact finding (but still fun!) trip to Seattle to see if I should continue on the 2 - 3 year wait list I have been on to get into Seattle Public Housing.

Hope to upload useful information every day, including pictures.

Presently the public housing I am in (Dutchess County, New York State - although it has shown improvement recently, it is still very trans and homo phobic), and the housing itself is going very quickly downhill. Of course, it is unrealistic to have high expectations of public housing, due to its very nature.

Presently, I am looking at three properties, with one standing out as being near the light rail and has nearby supermarkets, banks, restaurants, etc.

Will be reporting on the positives and negatives of living in Seattle.

Please feel free to ask me questions, and I will try to answer them.


12:43 pm
September 23, 2022



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Hello. I don’t have any ideas about this yet, but I’m also a little lost in this topic right now, I need information support, thank you!

12:44 pm
September 23, 2022



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“Thanks for the posts. I was considering a trip to Seattle and wondered how safe it was there. I hope you are fine now too. It’s been a long time, and I hope the situation is even better at the time.
I really like nighttime walks, but I cannot afford them in the town I live in because of obvious reasons. I want to get to a place where I will finally feel safe. I felt something like this in Los Altos Resort, but it was long ago. The staff there did a good job of making everyone feel comfortable and safe, and I also didn’t have to contact people who could probably cause me any problems. “