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Shadowville mixtape???


3:17 am
April 7, 2009

GC Da Don


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Ya, I'm feelin tha idea. I'd definatly be down to be apart of that. 

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3:27 am
April 7, 2009

loose cannon

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Aight bet homie, let me record my 8 bars again, and I will copy and paste the hook for the new one that I layed.  We can all spit like 8 bars so we can get like 6 or 7 cats on here.  I know Super Kid got some good quality equip, but whoever else wants to hop on it just make sure your mic and everything is up to par, not tryna be a d**k or anything I just want this s**t to sound good.

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10:49 am
April 7, 2009

Mr. AL

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count me in.

I'm workin on some tracks right now…but I'll pick a good beat that i think defines Shadowville in itself.. and see if i can get some of my boys on there too.

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11:04 am
April 7, 2009


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Same as AL. I'm in and workin on s**t now.

2:45 pm
April 7, 2009


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Count me in…most likely GRIT also…maybe we should start a thread just for the audio's for the mixtape……

Also a DEADLINE……that'll show who's bout it and who's not

Wat ya'll think?

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3:29 pm
April 7, 2009


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sunshine state


i would def jump in on it.

how would we control quality and such?

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3:58 pm
April 7, 2009



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im in.

where do we need to send the tracks?

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3:59 pm
April 7, 2009



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Ahh you guys ain't keepin me outta this one… NO MATTER WHAT YOU SAY SHADOW!!! :P (you know I <3 U)(no homo)

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4:49 pm
April 7, 2009


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oh god…hy never speak again llol….and guys keep ur socks on..i said I MIGHT bring it back…not sayin i will…gotta consider the things ppl are asking of me lol….topic of the month, an up coming audio tourny, continuing the topic of the month *should the first go well*….and now bringing back the mixtape lol…

listen id love to have the mixtape happen i do….but if all the other things im tryna do for everyone here doesnt work, then i wont be doing it, plain n simple i dont want to waste my time, get it?…so relax for now do up the topic of the month

the topic did change incase you didnt know, and if u didnt, go check it.

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4:52 pm
April 7, 2009


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Zanesville, OH


you said 17th was totm deadline right?