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Shadowville producers… very important question


4:04 pm
July 4, 2009


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Post edited 3:10 pm - July 4, 2009 by cinematic

I have three songs I just finished writting. One after the other. The latest was written to a beat by Anno Domini. The one prior to that was written to Sinima's “Metamorphosis” beat. The oldest of the three was written to a particular beat (which I delted by accident and is what this post is about). I'm extremely confident it was produced by one of you guys because I've mostly found your production styles as more “my cup of tea”. Anyways, not trying to suck up or anything but going back to my point, especially since the 2nd latest song I wrote was written to a Sinima beat, I'm 99.99% sure the one I accidentally deleted was also downloaded from your soundclick site. I've tried searching there but did'nt find it.

The reason I'm describing this is because I haven't been writing the Artist, Song, Instrumental, and Producer info that I usually do when I write songs. IE:

Artist: Cinematic

Title: Lost in The Transit

Instrumental: Metamoprhosis

Producer: Sinima

I'm an aspiring emcee who doesn't have the financial means (yet) to buy the exclusives for the beats I've picked to write my material to. But I'm an emcee at heart and I don't let that hold me back so even though I can't afford to buy the beats yet I continue to do my thing and write songs. Anyways, the beat I accidentally delted had a sample of a woman in the intro, chorus, and outro… I'm sure if it was produced by one of you guys you'd recognize the lyrics to the vocal samples. Which goes like this..


Let me see.

She was your childhood friend.
All of your heart you gave.

But, I know the times have changed her but she will always be home.


Losing yourself to get up and say.
Truths never hurt. You get up and say.
Despite of yourself. You get up and say.
Truths will be told. And then you did say…


She was your childhood friend.
All of your heart you gave.

But, I know the times have changed her but she will always be home.

And I'll miss you for the longest time.
I will know you as a distant love
tears from my face have softened so…
So broke it can break your heart… (I don't think the lyrics for this part of the outro is all correct, a bit hard to decypher the woman's voice in the sample)

Look, I know you guys are very busy but I'd greatly appreciate it if each of you (Sinima, 2Deep, Hala-X, and Slantize) would just give a short reply if you do or do not recognize the vocals sampled because I wrote a song to this beat that's very personal and important to me. I hope it's not too much to ask for and thank you very much in advance for any help.