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Sixteen Candlesticks Will Be actually a Bothersome Movie Today


2:21 pm
June 9, 2022



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Sixteen Candlesticks is actually one of John Hughes’ movie masterpieces, yet the ’80s cult timeless will have actually been actually very bothersome if discharged today.

The 1980s were actually a many years total of terrific movies, specifically through seriously well-known supervisor John Hughes. Hughes actually hailed coming from Chicago — which eventually came to be the preparing of lots of of his movie masterpieces, featuring Sixteen Candlesticks and also The Morning meal Club. Hughes’ constant collaborations along with stars as if Anthony Michael Venue and also Molly Ringwald aided develop the team called the “Brat Stuff.”

The Brat Stuff was actually a team of younger stars that starred in lots of attacked teenager movies throughout the ’80s. As if very most things, lots of of these movies will very likely be actually taken into consideration bothersome if they were actually discharged today. Sixteen Candlesticks merely could get the cake for the very most scandalous motifs current in a Hughes movie — which was actually in fact his directorial launching.

Lengthy Duk Dong and also Various other Stereotypes in Sixteen Candlesticks

Lengthy Duk Dong produced his huge entry in Sixteen Candlesticks advantage down on a bunk bedroom, speaking to Sam (Ringwald). Whenever his title was actually claimed, a gong was actually noisally happened in the history. As lots of that matured in the course of the ’80s may attest, his numerous prices quote as if “What’s a-happenin’, warm things,” were actually hurled at Asians after Sixteen Candlesticks was actually discharged — along with genetic slurs. Perhaps, his sign created senior high school bullies towards come to be also crueler. While Lengthy Duk Dong was actually meant to become a Mandarin trade pupil, his star, Gedde Watanabe, is actually in fact a Japanese United states coming from Utah.

Watanabe disclosed towards Marauder that he faked an accent towards property the duty, and also he was actually a little naive approximately exactly just what he was actually entering. He observed this possible possibility as a means towards “bring in folks laugh” and also was actually not aware of exactly just how it will come to be a concern later. Watanabe might be actually very most identified for his duty in Sixteen Candlesticks, yet the star in addition lent his vocal towards Ling in Disney’s Mulan. He additionally seemed on NBC’s ER for 6 years as Registered nurse Yoshi.

These may not be the simply adverse stereotypes current in Sixteen Candlesticks. In one chat in between Sam and also her pal Randy (Liane Curtis), they spoken about desiring a person and also a Trans Am actually as a birthday celebration current. When Sam claimed, “A dark one,” Randy thought and feelings she indicated the person as an alternative of the automobile, thus she shockingly exclaimed, “A Dark person?!” Aside from race, homophobic slurs were actually additionally made use of numerous opportunities throughout the movie.

Ted and also His Pals Harass Females in Sixteen Candlesticks

Throughout Sixteen Candlesticks, Sam continuously refuted developments coming from a geeky freshman called Ted (Venue). Ted and also his posse — which featured possible The Morning meal Club celebrity John Cusack — were actually infamously perverts and also just weren’t reluctant approximately it either. In one subplot, Ted resided in terrible require of Sam’s undergarments towards showcase it towards his other wanna-be philanderer pals. Ted’s improper actions failed to cease certainly there certainly. Actually, it was actually needed to an entire various amount when Ted slept along with Jake Ryan’s (Michael Schoeffling) partner Caroline (Haviland Morris) while she got on the verge of exceptionally inebriated and unfamiliarity. Ted was actually certainly never admonished for this; he was actually congratulated.

Ringwald eventually attended to the concerns of sexual offense within Sixteen Candlesticks towards Target date after the #MeToo activity got grip. She recalled on her operate and also the inappropriate procedure of women leads when she enjoyed the movies along with her adolescent little girl. Luckily, at that point 16-year-old Ringwald and also her mommy carried out acquire Hughes towards omit an improper arena in the movie and also transform the discussion in the course of the undergarments wager.

Jake Problematically Deserted His Partner in Sixteen Candlesticks

Despite the fact that Jake was actually considered as the captivating heartthrob of Sixteen Candlesticks, he still carried out his partner unclean. Jake turned over his extremely inebriated partner towards Ted and also practically permitted her sexual offense towards take place, mentioning that she definitely would not “recognize the variation.” Ringwald gone over this arena along with Morris years eventually. While Morris failed to originally feel certainly there certainly was actually just about anything inappropriate along from it, she recalled on the arena many years reconsidered and eventually. Caroline was actually offered away in a profession for undergarments — which caused her time rape. While lots of teenager ’80s movies are actually taken into consideration cult standards, they very likely will have actually certainly never obtained the fine for creation nowadays along with their numerous improper motifs.

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February 21, 2023


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Sixteen Candles is a classic film directed by John Hughes, but it would be extremely problematic if released today due to its outdated content and characters. Molly Ringwald has expressed pride in her work on the movie sequels and believes there is still much good in it, however, some of its elements are considered not-so-PC.