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The 25-year-old was between jobs as a waitress


5:41 pm
October 1, 2022


Fresh Meat

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PAYS TO BE UNKIND I earn £8k a month and only work two hours a night – everyone assumes the same thing but it’s not what you think

When model Jennifer Love found herself hard-up during lockdown, a friend suggested an unusual way to make money.

The 25-year-old was between jobs as a waitress when Covid hit, and pals joked she should try to earn a few extra quid by flogging pictures of her pretty feet.

But Jennifer soon found that her male clients wanted more than just snaps of her toes - but their requests weren’t as racy as you might expect.

Bizarrely, she received a string of requests from blokes asking her to insult them.

Now Jennifer, from Reading, Berkshire, earns up to £8,000 a month ‘bullying’ men online.

She charges £40 for a 10 second shot of her feet, and £150 for a personalised three minute video where she ridicules her clients - known as ‘paypigs’.

For a 10-minute paypig session, where Jennifer has private calls with clients who send her money in return for being mocked and humiliated, she can rake in £1,000.