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The Cause Of Vertical Roller Mill Fault


8:54 pm
September 16, 2021



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The diagnosis is mainly to compare various symptoms and standards of the vertical roller mill in operation to judge whether the vertical roller mill is in normal operation, so as to find out the causes and eliminate the problems in time before the failure, or predict the operation state of the vertical roller mill according to some symptoms and find the corresponding relationship between performance change and structure change, To make scientific judgments and decisions in order to prevent accidents.

Vertical roller mill diagnosis results and treatment methods for the fault diagnosis of vertical roller mill equipment, many faults will have omens before they occur, such as vertical roller mill sound change, vertical roller mill amplitude change, vertical roller mill temperature change, etc.

the cause of vertical roller mill fault can be judged according to the situation.

Diagnosis and Countermeasures of vertical roller mill sound change under normal circumstances, the sound emitted by the vertical roller mill during normal operation mainly comes from the sound of mutual impact between the transmission mechanism itself and the steel ball, ore and lining plate in the cylinder.