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The Effectiveness of Promo Video ads for Game Promotion


5:17 am
October 23, 2019


Fresh Meat

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Even a short viewing of video ads (1-3 seconds) significantly increases brand recall and intention to make a purchase from consumers. This conclusion was drawn from an analytical study conducted by Nielsen for Facebook.

The main disadvantage of video advertising on Facebook is autoplay, which greatly complicates the measurement of ad access to the audience and the average time the ad is viewed.

Facebook is one of the largest social networks, and its audience is huge. According to information from the company itself, in general, videos in their social network gain up to 3 billion views per day. Agree, the number is very impressive.

And in order for the network to automatically count the video, a person must watch it for 3 seconds, or pause at least for the same time. And the company had a question: how much can an advertiser invest in howling advertising in three seconds, and is this enough time for an effective impact?

A Nielsen study showed that you can invest a lot, and the efficiency will be quite good.

The study found that even if people just saw the advertisement in the feed but did not watch it, among them there was still a significant increase in the recall of the advertisement and brand recognition. In addition, the desire to make a purchase increased.

“People who have never watched the promo video, but saw that it is, still fell under the influence of advertising. As expected, the rise in these indicators was more pronounced as the time spent watching ads, ”- Facebook blog.

Among all respondents who watched ads for 1 to 3 seconds, the following parameters were noted:

47% noted an increase in the level of advertising memorability
32% reported brand awareness
44% expressed their intention to make a purchase
In addition, according to the study, it became known that these indicators improved significantly with an increase in viewing time, at the level of a mark of 10 seconds of viewing, the indicators doubled, relative to those given above.

From this it becomes clear that with the competent construction of advertising, even a few seconds of viewing, and sometimes just the fact that people saw your advertisement in the feed, can bring you significant results. Naturally, online advertising differs from the standard video format, in which the first 10 seconds can easily show a common background frame, say, of nature, which will introduce the viewer into the desired atmosphere. Internet advertising does not have such time, and by and large, does not want to spend yours