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The Flu, & Sicknesess


1:20 am
August 27, 2009



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I Have Noticed Alot Of Pepole Have Been Sick Lately Incluidng Me This Week Ive Been Realy Sick I Think It Was The Flu So I Went To The Hospital I Passed Out It Felt Like I Was Bout To Die. I Was Really Weak To Like I Couldn't Move Like I Would Just Pass Out If I Stoud Up Or Try To Walk. Most People Had Hyumonia & Just Regular Sicknesess. Just Watch Out For The People Around You Make Sure If Your Able To Tell If There Sick Or Not Espically If Your In School. 


3:58 am
August 27, 2009


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The human body's a very wonderful thing. Not only do your lungs soak in bacteria, but bacteria and virus's can come about from it soaking into your body, via your skin, which is basically a huge sponge. But, the bodies immune system is another complex thing. A person gets worse before they get better. Our bodies are trained to fight diseases/viuses that would kill other species in a matter of minutes..

In otherwords, the flu shouldn't scare anyone. It's actually good to catch a flu. It keeps your immune system up in routine with the natural threats of these strains. People who live in bubbles, are the reason why the human immune system is weakening now and is becoming succeptable to lower strains, such as animal flu. A mutated flu that your body isn't exposed too, would cause your immune system to fight it, but cause more damage then the flu itself. That's basically the killer in influenza pandemics. Your body destroys itself, as it see's its the only way to 'solve' the problem.

So, stop being scared of the flu. If there's any flu that you should ve afraid of, it isn't the H1N1 (Swine Flu) virus, it's an Andromeda Virus that could come about if someone was exposed to a lethal meterorite, that might happen to be showcased in some museum. Those are the ones that will need to be tooken serious, because our body won't be able to figure out an alien virus, being that we're are made of earth components. Which means, everyone on the planet wouldn't have an immunity, and the end of the world would probably come.

9:46 am
August 27, 2009


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Abortion Clinic in the Witching Hour…


I'm getting 3 H1N1 shots just to make sure I don't get sick… Wink

12:58 pm
October 17, 2020


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