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The Hip Hop “Image”


5:18 pm
August 3, 2009



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So here's something that's been on my mind for a while and I wanted to see what everyones take on it was. The idea of what hip hop looks like. I'll give you a little background. I've been rhyming for 7 years now, I come from the middle of nowhere, I'm 6'1, I'm just a tall skinny kid. So, recently I've moved to New York to attend school for Business and Audio and when people find out or hear me rap the common reaction is: “Woah, you don't look like you rap!” I've been trying to narrow this down.. Do I not look like I rap because I'm white? Because I'm female? Because I'm from the midwest and I don't dress in throwback jerseys? I just find it interesting that we've kind of put a stereotype on what hip hop should look like. I've never been one to fit stereotypes, I'm just cool like that. Laugh So, what's your take on this? Any opinions? Anyone ever had similar experiences? Spill your little hearts out!

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5:36 pm
August 3, 2009

ToksicK (AKA Jaz)


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New York


haha I actually just stopped going to school for business in new york..

Anyway back to the topic at hand.  I figure it's probably just a combination of all the above. 

I mean, you gotta figure, a small percentage of rappers are white, although I feel like it's quickly growing, and an even smaller percentage is female.  So people just don't see it coming haha.

I never really had an experience like yours, people tend to focus more on the fact that they think my voice doesn't fit me haha, but I do know what you mean.

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6:39 pm
August 3, 2009


Master Shadowvillian

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dress how u dress. personally, i think most artists look like f**kin clowns nowadays. i dont feel i need to “look the part” when the part has become a f**kin joke to me. even though my music is hip ho , no question about it… im goin for an indie,punk, underground hip hop fan base so f**k a hip hop fad like 80s neon s**t. we wore that in the 80s, leave it there. be yourself.

jaz, i dont beleive there is only a small percentage of white rappers, just a small percentage being marketed heavily.

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7:06 pm
August 3, 2009



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i agree you dont nesesarily have to look the part… but you must fit the persona you present in your music… if i were to see a corny white guy talkin bout runnin the block id just jaugh… but then when Definition (a local rapper in utah) hits the stage with his own take from a suburban life on issues of life and christianity, it all clicks

But i thonk you, dawk, fit your music… i, personally was taken for a rapper before i ever tried writing… it was one of the manhy things that made me try it


7:32 pm
August 3, 2009



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just keep doing your thing girl id love to hear you

all i can do is sit back and just CRINGE… cause i know in the end, its all dust in the WIND.

9:28 pm
August 3, 2009



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Interesting responses. For the record, I wasn't planning on changing anything about myself. I'm f**king awesome the way I am. Laugh I'm just interested in everyones take on what the image of hip hop has become. True grit summed it up nicely I feel. A lot of these rappers do look like clowns… Not the cute ones either. And JassonJ, if you want to hear me my links are posted in my sig. Wink Listen away. Other people, opinions?

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10:45 pm
August 3, 2009



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Lmao, This happends to me constantly exept in reverse. Im About 5'8 16 years old slits in my eyebrows, tatted, braids, i sag my pants, WALKING DEFINITION OF “HIP-HOP” in people's eyes lol Most people can tell that i rap before it ever leaves my mouth..

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11:30 pm
August 3, 2009


Master Shadowvillian

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Just be yourself… that's the biggest problem in hip-hop these days, everyone is tryin' to fit a certain image with either their look, or their music… break trends, and walk your own path, at least that's my own take on it… In my own personal experience I shock people almost daily because here I am… with long hair, and a 6-7 inch goatee… who rocks all black, with chains… I look like a straight metal-head, which is partly true… but whenever I tell people I can spit, they automaticly think I'm joking… until they actually hear me… and realize how good I really am… the first reaction is “Why aren't you on TV?”… haha… It doesn't matter if it's a freestyle session in a booth or a house party, people always have the same impression, because of my look and my laid back attitude… but when I rhyme it's like I unleash something inside of me, and I command the cypher… It's whats gotten my reputation around my area… Cool

11:53 pm
August 3, 2009



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im black born and raised in what they would call “the ghetto” i wear baggy clothes and all that and still some people around me give that same “woah” reaction i guess its just a common reaction it seems like and they say i dont look like i rap because out side of music im the “quiet” kid but really its wateva dont wat u like forget how people react if they dont think u can rap show they ur talent just because ur are a certain color or dress a certain way doesnt mean u dont have talent people just cant see it untill u show them

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11:56 pm
August 3, 2009



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Post edited 10:59 pm - August 3, 2009 by CyLensir

I guess people expect rappers 2 look ghetto u kno like gangsters but i agree wit everybody jus dress however u wanna dress n if people dont believe u can spit put down a verse n shut em up

The 1st time i rapped in front of a crowd was durin lunch time n then all my friends were like wow holy s**t i didnt kno u could rap n blah blah n i jus dress in a plain t (any color) n baggy pants i dont try to look “ghetto” im jus comfortable that way

Im latino so idk if that changes the way people look at u but wutever i write i rap n whoever doesnt believe can jus keep talkin

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