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The Magelang Cleft Mountain Slope that You Must Know


2:43 pm
August 17, 2022



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5 The Beauty of Nepal Van Java Kaliangkrik,

There are 5 beauties of Nepal Van Java Kaliangkrik, the slopes of Mount Sumbing Magelang that must be known. The slopes of Mount Sumbing offer stunning views.

How not, the mountain slope area located in Need Hamlet, Temanggung, Kaliangkrik District, Magelang Regency, Central Java has a typical settlement form like in Nepal. No wonder this area is also called Nepal Van Java.

Located at an altitude of 1,600 MDPL, making this area has a cool air. Not only cool, this area also has a beauty that should not be missed.

So, what is the beauty of Nepal Van Java Kaliangkrik, the slopes of Mount Sumbing Magelang that must be known? To find out, see the following Okezone summary.

5 The Beauty of Nepal Van Java Kaliangkrik, the Magelang Cleft Mountain Slope that You Must Know

1. Have Beautiful Landscapes

It is undeniable, its location on the slopes of a mountain, making this area has an amazing landscape. Especially if the weather is clear, you can see the beauty of Mount Sumbing which is the background for the village of Dusun Need.

Of course, this enchanting natural panorama is sure to attract anyone to linger to enjoy it.

2. The Beauty Around the Hamlet Needs

In addition to enjoying the beauty of Mount Need, travelers can also enjoy the beauty of Nepal Van Java by exploring the Hamlet of Need, Kaliangkrik. Exploring the village can also be a way to see up close the activities of local residents.…..index.html

The natural atmosphere is beautiful and cool while participating in farming activities, picking vegetables is a series of fun tourist activities and of course an unforgettable experience.

3. Have Cool Air

Being in the highest area in Magelang, makes Nepal Van Java has a cool air. In addition to being pampered by beautiful natural scenery, you can also nourish your breath by breathing cool air. The area is beautiful and the feel of the countryside is so thick that it makes anyone feel at home for long in the area.

4. Become an Instagramable Photo Spot

For those of you who are sunrise hunters, you must visit here. Because, this tourist area also includes sunrise spots and instagramable photo spots.

Here, you can hunt for sunrise moments with stunning natural panoramas with the background of Mount Sumbing. Not only that spot, you can take pictures with the background of the village gate, Nepalese terrace, Depok garden to the climbing gate.

5. The Beauty of an Unforgettable Overnight

Waiting for the moment of sunrise by spending the night in this area is the right choice. The reason is, you can also enjoy the night atmosphere of this area that you can’t find anywhere else. Enjoying the night air of Hamlet Need while exploring the culinary arts of coffee is certainly the right moment to spend the rest of the night.

Those are the 5 beauties of Nepal Van Java, Kaliangkrik, the slopes of Mount Sumbing that travelers must know. As much as possible visit in the dry season to get a good view.