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The Many Saints of Newark now playing in theatres and on HBO Max


8:27 am
October 2, 2021



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A still from “The Many Saints of Newark,” now playing in theatres and on HBO Max.Photograph courtesy Warner Bros.×4Pz…..on-hbo-max…..on-hbo-max…..on-hbo-max…..on-hbo-max…..on-hbo-max…..on-hbo-max…..on-hbo-max…..on-hbo-max
The gold standard of movies that serve as prequels for TV series is David Lynch’s “Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me.” In that feature, from 1992, Lynch righted the wrongs of his two-season series - namely, that he’d directed only six of the thirty episodes. He directed “Fire Walk with Me,” and it got widely and wrongly panned at the time of its release precisely because Lynch treated with radical subjectivity the same material that had been handled more conventionally in the TV series. He did more than expand its story; he expanded its imaginative spectrum.