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The Unwanted Triad: Women, Weight Gain and Sugar


10:18 pm
March 8, 2021



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What do you think happens when Trim 14 your body is lacking water? If the words ‘dehydration,’ ‘exhaustion,’ and ‘cravings’ came to mind, you’re precisely correct! The lack of water in your system actually initiates an unhealthy cycle of caloric compensation - your body is so desperate for calories that you consume more to compensate for the lack of energy you experience as a result of the water loss.

Naturally, the more calories you consume without burning off, the more weight you gain and sometimes this number overlaps the weight you had lost in the first place.If you want to learn how to lose pounds and keep them off, targeting the water weight in your body won’t suffice. Your body needs water, what is doesn’t need is excess fat.

You can address this issue through a proper analysis of the fat in diet, cardiovascular fitness and resistance training but that is a discussion for another article. Remember, your struggles are very rarely the result of lack of effort and more often than not a methodical error. Apply the right methods and the pounds will stay off!