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TikTok Parent Enters Metaverse Business, Launches Paiduidao


9:19 am
January 31, 2022



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Tiktok owner ByteDance is sure to dive into the world of the Metaverse. The company has launched a social media application that allows users to interact in virtual communities with avatars.
The app is called Paiduidao or ‘party island’.

Douyin’s representatives said the app is in beta testing by some users and requires an invitation code to access it, quoted from Tech Times, Monday (31/1/2022).

Paiduodao was developed by ByteDance subsidiary Beijing Shi Qu Wu Xian Technology Co. Ltd. The app is also available on Android and iOS app stores in China.

Tech Times writes that the app has the logo of two animated characters leaning against each other. And there is also a slogan with the words “no human being is independent”.

Even though it’s still in beta mode, the app is already the 77th most downloaded app on iOS, the South China Morning Post said.

ByteDance’s entry into the Metaverse began last year. The company acquired Pico Interactive, a virtual reality startup that marked the company’s move towards the Metaverse.

But at the time, Alex Zhu, ByteDance’s head of product and strategy, said the deal was because the company recognized the value of augmented reality and virtual reality technologies. And confirms no connection with Metaverse.

Paiduidao is also the company’s latest attempt to break up the social media market and challenge Tencent’s WeChat app. The two are known to compete with each other.

Meanwhile ByteDance’s social networking business has been certain in the past. In 2021, the company closed Feiliao, the instant messenger that debuted in 2019, otherwise known as Flipchat worldwide.

Apart from that there is still Xintu which is similar to Instagram and was finally deactivated.