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Train and bus trips


2:24 am
August 1, 2021



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I hope to try a train and bus ride later this year. I have never traveled by train or bus since I became a wheelchair user, due to the pain, which is aggravated by bumps and vibrations. I’ve always traveled on a WAVE.

I know there are some scary stories out there. What do I need to do? Any advice and recommendations will be gratefully accepted.
Are all buses available?


2:03 pm
August 1, 2021



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I recently started taking the bus using my powerchair earlier this year and I absolutely love it! There are a couple of things that you definitely need to be good-humored about if you’re going to avoid getting too stressed about the shortcomings. In my experience, I found that I had to get used to feeling a bit awkward about trying to squeeze on since my chair is quite wide and then having to reverse into space while everyone is looking at you. I just have to laugh at myself when I end up having to shuffle back and forth to line up properly.

I don’t know whether all buses are accessible, you should be able to check online before you travel. I’ve found that the drivers have always done their part in lowering the bus and bringing out the ramp.

My only tip would be to try and travel outside of school drop-off and pick-up times if you can. If there’s somebody already using the space with a buggy that can’t fold then you’ll have to wait for the next bus.

2:06 pm
August 1, 2021



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Always book passenger transport tickets in advance when using the train. Makes it much less stressful x

2:22 pm
August 1, 2021


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The pandemic has built up a necessity for travelling in me. I have been struggling for a long time now with the restrictions and my fear of the virus. There was no way for me to leave my country. Seeing the same things for a little over two years is honestly exhausting. I am so happy that I can finally satisfy my urge to travel. I have been planning to continue my exploration of Germany for some time now. I have also found a great way for me to travel: I absolutely love travelling by train (I don’t know what it is but it’s my favourite way of travelling). I am going to travel between Lübeck and Schwerin. I will visit The Holsten Gate and the Schwerin Castle and something else along the way. It is going to be awesome!

6:22 am
August 28, 2021



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You go travellng alone ? And what if something happens and your family would have no idea about that ? You better install on their phones phone tracking apps from this site so they can track you 24/7 and be sure that you are all right and they’d can easily find you in case of emergency.