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Use and maintenance of construction waste crusher


8:42 pm
April 26, 2020


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In order to better ensure urban development and environmental protection and advance step by step, a regulation to strengthen the management of urban construction waste was issued in 2005, called the “Regulations on the Management of Urban Construction Waste”. Article 4 of it clearly states: Construction waste Disposal should implement the principles of reduction, resourcefulness, harmlessness, and whoever bears responsibility for disposal. Moreover, the state encourages the comprehensive utilization of construction waste, and encourages construction units and construction units to give priority to the use of construction waste comprehensive utilization products. Therefore, if you want to solve the above problems, you need to deal with it from the fundamental source. Among them, the high-level voice is “small Construction Waste Crusher“. Its ability to “turn slag into treasure” is praised by everyone. Next, Let’s take a closer look.
Work ability
Small construction waste crusher is also known as construction waste crusher. The reason why it is called construction waste crusher is that it can be “accommodated” because of all the “disadvantages” of construction waste. The construction waste is dirty, messy and poor. Some series of “difficult management” such as dispersion, complex composition, and bad accumulation ground can be won by the construction waste crusher in one fell swoop. The specific operations are as follows:
1. This equipment can be shuttled freely in cities, towns, suburbs and other places with complicated layout and harsh environment, and it can be directly crushed, sieved and sorted into the material accumulation place.
2. The tire and crawler design can be moved freely, which can save the cost of construction equipment, manpower, time and other losses, and achieve an efficient and fast operation mode.
3. The slag grinder has a fully intelligent design and an advanced PLC control system. Only a few people are required to control the equipment, and no excessive human input is required.
4. The generator set equipped with the muck crusher can ensure that the equipment can be used under the condition of no electricity and power failure, and it also meets the diesel power generation operation.
5. In order to better respond to the call for green development, this equipment is equipped with a dust removal and noise removal device, and is equipped with a spray device to achieve environmental protection production foolproof.