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Variations between aluminum sheet 5083 and 5052


2:25 am
November 21, 2023


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Both 5052 and 5083 are members of marine grade aluminum magnesium alloy, but the differs in magnesium content that finally ends in differences in chemical properties, mechanical homes and alertness.
Chemical composition of 5052 aluminum sheet:
Si 0+ Fe0.45 Cu 0.1 Mn 0.1 Mg 2.2-2.8 Cr zero.15-zero.35 Zn zero.1
Chemical composition of 5083 aluminum plate:
Si 0.Four Fe0.4 Cu0.1 Mn0.Three-1.0 Mg4.0-four.9 Cr 0.05-zero.25 Zn zero.25
The distinction in chemical composition makes the difference in mechanical properties among the two. Irrespective of the tensile electricity or yield power, 5083 aluminum sheet is lots stronger than 5052 aluminum plate.
The subsequent parent indicates the distinction of the equal thickness among 5052 and 5083:
Exceptional chemical compositions result in one-of-a-kind mechanical residences, and distinct mechanical residences ultimately lead to exceptional uses between them. 5052 aluminum sheet has suitable forming ability, corrosion resistance, candlelight, fatigue strength and medium static energy. It’s far often used within the manufacture of plane fuel tank, oil pipe, as well as the sheet steel components of site visitors cars and ships, units, street lamp brackets and rivets, hardware merchandise, and so on. Aluminum sheet 5083 is regularly utilized in situations requiring excessive corrosion resistance, suitable welding ability and medium energy, which include welding elements of ship, automobile and aircraft plates; pressure vessels, cooling gadgets, tv towers, drilling gadget, transportation gadget, missile components, assembly, and so forth. Requiring strict hearth safety.