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What criteria are important when choosing one?


12:12 am
November 29, 2023

red velvet

Fresh Meat

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Hi everyone!!! I’m new to using video conferencing for work, and I have a question: how do I choose the best platform for online meetings? What criteria are important when choosing one? I would be grateful for your advice and recommendations!


12:16 am
November 29, 2023

ron swanson

Fresh Meat

Posts: 8


Hi! Choosing a videoconference platform is an important step and I understand your doubts. We faced this question too, and our choice was MyOwnConference. They provide a wide range of features including high-quality video, a user-friendly interface, and reliable security. It is important to consider the number of participants, the need to record sessions, and the stability of the connection. I recommend familiarizing yourself with their features.

11:08 am
December 4, 2023



Posts: 55


Hi colleagues, I’m also looking at options for video conferencing and the choice seems quite difficult. Each platform promises a lot, but how do I know it’s right for my needs? Maybe someone has experience with different services and can share their opinion? Thanks in advance for any information!