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What ever happened to Slantize’s dvd site?


5:34 pm
July 2, 2009

illest wun

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5:49 pm
July 2, 2009

king cobra

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Ah, ticket666…was great while it lasted. There was some problems with DivX I believe tho….they stopped allowing the use of streamed movies or somethin like that, i'm not really sure. That was a long time ago tho.

6:24 pm
July 2, 2009


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I shut the site down for several reasons:

1. It was in a gray area of legalities. Although the site hosted no illegal content, it was still streaming copyrighted material from other sites.

2. The ad revenue was not as profitable as I liked.

3. It was time consuming to administrate a heavily trafficked forum and keep new content consistently updated and expired content consistently removed. There was no way to automate the discovery of streaming sources but had to be manually filtered in order to maintain quality content.

4. A major source of the links for the site was Stage6, Divx's own youtube-style site, which eventually shut down due to costly maintenance of their servers.

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6:58 pm
July 2, 2009



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This is why stuff like that is ran by larger companies who have more time and people on their hands to maintence the site.

Just do like and it. just look for a guy named Axxo, his files are effin GOLD. FUCK DVD'S AND ALBUMS!!! THIS IS THE ART OF COMMUNISM!!!

Shhh, don't tell my govt. i said such. but seriously, i still do go to theatre to see some movies, artists get paid off shows more than cd sells (granted is a real kick to the self esteem when no one buys the album, but instead “steals” it”

However the main part of capitalism, in my view, is to make/save/keep as much money as you can. therefore, pirating/streaming music/videos instead of buying it is capitalism at its finest for the consumer…on the other side? Well, protect ur s**t better. Could be seen as a step closer to complete socialism..but would that be so bad?

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