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What Is It That All The Rappers On Here Lack? Answer Inside.


11:52 pm
February 1, 2012



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Let's be real here. You listen to most of these people and go “Well, I like what they're saying. I just wish they could've made it sound better.” But that's just it!

Rappers need to think like Audio Engineers. And I encourage everyone to educate themselves studiowise, whether through books, internet, or even youtube. Even if you don't own your own studio!

What's my Point? You guys need to Mix/Master better! It's need to be your second priority.

As an Audio Engineer/Musician, I prioritize the following checklist (In Order!)

  1. Was my audio take clean, and without artifacts? (Noises, bumps from the stand, overflow from headphones, etc)
  2. When I mix it in, does it sound like it fits, or is it a sore thumb?
  3. Was my flow precise and correct?

Basically, These things need to balance like a Triforce. If you can't mix it in as soon as your record it, It WONT mix in at the end. Don't leave yourself in that kind of situation. Especially if your time is limited. Get it right. If you dont, do it again, until it is. You'll save yourself a headache and a half.

Your equipment is important as well, but A U-87 ($3000+) and an Mxl990 ($99+) will both sound like s**t if you dont know what you're doing. However, some engineers swear that they can make both sound amazing. I don't put it past them, but I dont have the funds to attempt that. I Suggest a moderate investment of money toward a good mic, and A HUGE Investment of research into mixing and mastering.

Thanks For Reading.


4:48 am
February 2, 2012

Mr. Flako

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i feel the same dam way. u can make an mxl 990 sound like a thousand dollar mic with the proper mixing if u invest in ur craft then ur investing in urself. thx for posting this is what ppl need to hear

8:46 am
February 2, 2012



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It's not even that.

You can PAY someone to vocal produce & mix your records and make them sound great from an audio quality perspective. The problem is, quite simply, most people doing music these days don't understand how to properly make a song that people want to listen to. Platinum-level quality means d**k if the song sucks.

10:14 am
February 2, 2012



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Good Point, Flowman. Now a days, it seems as if most people who rap are overly pretentious and seem to want to rap about money, cars, and girls. And that's great and all, but I'd like to see it in much smaller doses. It'd be great to see rap move away from that, but I fear, it's what rap has been and will probably always be. The lack of depth kills me though. I call them Dr. Suess rappers. They rhyme basic, short words over and over again, such as you'd see in a nursery rhyme.

I'd love to see the revolution, and I'd love to help drive the intelligent rap movement, but I fear that this battle won't hold water. There are too many people who have already pinned rap as a ghetto, gangster genre.

12:21 pm
February 2, 2012



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rap/hip hop is what u make it and if u gots to rap about cash cars and girls u got no skill imo. 


3:33 pm
February 2, 2012

Big Meez Da Slunderous

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so rappin about the dreams an aspirations of a ghetto child means you have no depth? cmon, now you just sound stupid I could see if every song was about that but its not. but its is where hardcore rap started an its always gon be the backbone of rap whether you like it or not. the good thing for you is theres a buffet of concepts an styles out there now if you dont like 1 just move on dont critisize it cuz there is cats doin there thang makein money drivein nice cars an f**kin bad b*tches dont hate cuz you aint.

4:12 pm
February 2, 2012



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I think you're missing the point meez. It's the simplicity of their lyricism and overlapping concepts which is so infuriating to see in other rappers in the industry. Yeah I'd love to have gucci's/soulja boys/tyga/etcs lifetstyle, but I wouldn't want to be em as an emcee

#Back ;)

4:57 pm
February 2, 2012

Mr. Flako

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Dr. Seusse would murk soulja boy in a rhyming contest monday thru sunday Cool

5:04 pm
February 2, 2012


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nah i would say fans

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1:27 pm
February 4, 2012

eM theory the Master Theory


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Disagree with this tottally

if a song is technically good, it will always be a good song wether its sonically good or not

if you make a s**tty song on good or bad equipment it will still be a s**tty song.. just with better quality, which quality doesnt define how good the song is

If eminem was on s**t equipment his tracks would still be dope, look at infinite compared to recovery, the quality is s**t comparatively, sonically, yet the songs are just as good if not better in my opinion.

I have debated upgrading for alooooong time, and until my tracks are good enough there really isnt a reason too, cuz its not going to make the tracks any better.

Look at the 70s the era of tons of great music, half those songs where recording on equipment probably less than alot of our stuff now. In houses not recording studios, with rooms with technically not set up for recording.

im not sayin a studio wont benefit you but i dont think it ill make the songs any more enjoyable

and mixing s**t still comes out as s**t

so i do totally agree with your advice at getting everything right on the takes! thats gotta be solid

but sonic quality doesnt effect how good the song is in my opinion. Again look at old music from the 20s, sounds like crap compared to today and the songs are still great

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