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What is the difference between geotextile and polyester nonwoven?


6:11 am
May 22, 2020



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What is polyester non-woven geotextile? The filament geotextile is polyester filament needle punched nonwoven 3D geonet for sale, which contains no chemical additives and is not heat-treated. It is an environmentally friendly construction material and is a non-textile used in civil engineering. The narrow sense of geotextile is civil engineering Non-woven fabrics that can be used in conjunction with civil engineering materials. The broad sense of geotextile includes geotextile that can be soaked in civil engineering and geomembrane that can’t be soaked. Civil engineering materials made of geotextiles that are not impermeable are called impervious geotextiles (also called composite geomembrane).

Composite geomembrane is generally composed of non-woven fabric and plastic geonet manufacturers by special process. Geomembrane is a film made of polyethylene commonly used in civil engineering. Geomembrane uses plastic film as an impermeable base material and non-woven fabric. It is a geomembrane material. Depends on the anti-seepage function of the plastic film.

Plastic films and HDPE geonet manufacturers for anti-seepage applications mainly include polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and polyethylene (PE), EVA (ethylene / vinyl acetate copolymer), and ECB (ethylene vinyl acetate modified asphalt) is also planned to be used in tunnel applications Blended geomembrane). They are a kind of polymer chemically flexible material, with a small specific gravity, strong extensibility, high habit deformation, corrosion resistance, low temperature resistance, and good frost resistance.