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What is the grading system of the mill and the matching equipment of the Ra


8:34 pm
November 17, 2019



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As you know, Raymond mills are available in a variety of models, different types of mainframes, fans, sorting machines, fish-mixed flour mill market, equipment configuration standards. Raymond mill machine equipment is important, but the entire plant The improvement of the Raymond mill equipment in the production process is very important, especially the classification system configuration of the ball mill. The quality of the Raymond mill directly affects the important components of the finished product, and the environmental protection equipment of the Raymond mill is classified. The Raymond Mill is an important part that cannot be missed.
Normally, Raymond Mills classifies a complete set of equipment, including air classifiers, cyclone collectors, pulse filters, high pressure induced draft fans, electric control cabinets, etc. The air classifier is a secondary air inlet and vertical installation. Large forced impeller rotor classifier.
However, in the production of ultra-fine grinding, the structure of the classifier should also be taken seriously. If the fineness is higher, the number of blades of the impeller should be increased. In order to increase the centrifugal force field and reduce the thickness of the blade, the ability of the small finger to reduce drag and improve natural gas. Under the premise of ensuring the transportation capacity, the SBM mine ultra-fine pulverizer series, the fan’s air volume rating is greatly reduced, the wind pressure is increased, in order to overcome the hand, the high-lead high-speed impeller classification resistance increases. Connect the rolling mill main machine, classifier, fan is the perfect fit, the talent is the finest level of grinding and the highest level of output from the host, consult us for the detailed information of the classification.