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What qualities do you like in women?


1:27 pm
July 23, 2023


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I prefer modest, not proud girls. I like it when a lady can be easily embarrassed by some kind of compliment and at the same time she has a slight blush on her cheeks. I like inexperienced women who will respect and cherish their man, that is, me. I looked at dating sites for italian brides profiles and immediately saw from the photo which girls are modest. With one I started a very interesting and deep correspondence and I want to ask her on a date. I’m thinking of having a romantic candlelight dinner and I want live music to play in a non-intrusive way. I am sure that such an atmosphere will contribute to relaxation.


4:48 pm
August 27, 2023



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6:30 pm
November 28, 2023


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Unfortunately no, I could not forgive the betrayal. And that is why he broke up with his first wife. She cheated on me with my best friend. And the worst thing is that this happened over several years and I knew nothing about it. Better the bitter truth than a sweet lie. Now I decided to give my destiny a chance and created a profile on Ukrainian dating services . I have heard many times that Ukrainian women are very devoted to women and the most loving wives. I would like to believe that my soul mate is still waiting for me somewhere and there will be no betrayal in our family.