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What should be considered when preparing for a repair?


12:36 pm
August 3, 2021



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Hello everyone. I am starting the planning of my renovation and I want to take into account all the nuances, so that later it would be easier to do the repair. Are there experienced builders here?


4:50 pm
August 3, 2021



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I also do repairs in the house and I need advice, for example, where is it better to buy materials for construction ?. Maybe someone has already done and faced such problems? Maybe you are reading articles for those who repair themselves? I also want to build an extension to my house and I need a brick.

5:32 am
August 4, 2021



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Good afternoon. Anyone who is just starting to start construction or repairs should think about their future work and calculate the sequence and necessary materials, cost, and time of work. Many turn a blind eye to this, but it is very important. In my opinion, it is not so easy, but real. By the way, you can save a lot of time and money if you order building materials such as bricks or fiberboard or OSB sheets at Also, the prices, in this case, are lower, and you do not waste a lot of time.