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What simple online games do you like?


8:48 am
January 24, 2024



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What simple online games do you like?


5:20 pm
January 25, 2024



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In the vast realm of mobile games, “watermelon game - Merge the Fruits” stands out as a delightful and refreshing experience for me. If you’re looking for a game that combines strategic thinking with colorful aesthetics, this is the perfect choice. The game is played on a grid, and different fruits are scattered across it. Swipe left, right, up, or down to move the fruits in those directions.

11:29 am
February 12, 2024



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The simplest online games are browser games. I played many of them at one time. But only now I understand that it was a waste of time. Many browser games, by the way, are donation games, that is, in order to develop in them, you need to invest money.
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