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What’s your favourite sport?


3:39 pm
February 26, 2020


Fresh Meat

Posts: 9


And why?


2:52 pm
February 27, 2020


Fresh Meat

Posts: 8


I like to make some physical exercises but mostly for keeping myself healthy and active, I can’t say that I am a great fan of sport.
In case of sport games I like only football and table tennis. For the first one I prefer professional matches, I really enjoy watching them and cheering for my favourite clubs and players, also I like to make bets sometimes on them too.
And I like to play table tennis, we have our own cool matches sometimes with my friends.

8:34 am
March 23, 2020



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Of course, football.I like to play football. And I bet on a well-known bookmaker with a good reputation so that there will be no problems later. I bet online at in this office and bonuses happen regularly. And the mobile version of this bookmaker is convenient, so that you can place bets 24 hours a day.