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Which is the best sport in your opinion?


2:24 pm
October 28, 2019



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Which is the best sport in your opinion?


2:30 am
October 29, 2019



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My favourite sports at the moment are trampolining and Irish dancing.

I love trampolining. I love the feeling of flipping, of tumbling through the air, of finally landing a difficult trick. It feels like flying.

When I’m dancing I feel happy. I forget to think. If I’m in my soft shoes I can twirl and jump and kick. In my heavy shoes I can make noise with no effort, I can try a step and fail it a million times, when I eventually get it its the best feeling. It feels like flying

5:23 am
October 30, 2019



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9:49 am
February 26, 2020



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I have a positive attitude to sports betting , because this is a good opportunity to earn good money. True, you need to understand the sport you are betting on, for example, I most often bet on football, because I love and enjoy this sport.