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Which wood router is best for woodworking?


8:03 am
August 31, 2019



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Which wood router is best for woodworking? Can you recommend some good model to start with?


7:26 am
September 1, 2019



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It depends on what you are doing. I have a 3hp variable speed Freud plunge router that I’ve had for 20 years (no longer available??). It’s handy when I need a big router but it rarely gets used because it is too heavy for day to day use.

I have a small Porter Cable trim router that is used mostly for trimming laminates but it can be handy for routing into tight spaces. I rarely do laminate work now so it doesn’t see much use.

My 2 every day routers are 1604 Bosch which were discontinued probably close to 20 years ago. I can still occasionally find a lightly used one that someone decided they really didn’t need. This is my favorite router, it’s simple and relatively light for a 1 1/2 HP router. They also hold up well in day to day use. I’ve seen newer Bosch routers that I didn’t like, but then again I haven’t shopped for a new router in a while.

If I was buying something other than a Bosch, Porter Cable would probably be my next choice. I have used a few over the years and I believe they would be a decent, reliable tool.

If I was shopping for a router for every day use I would be looking at routers in the 1 1/2 HP range. While a 1HP router may be fine for small round overs and coves it can quickly become under powered when you need to make heavier cuts. There probably isn’t that much difference in the weight or the price so if I’m only going to have one I want it to be one capable of handling most anything I need it to do. Also having the option to run 1/2″ shank bits opens up possibilities you may not have with 1/4″ routers.

I would avoid brands like Craftsman and B&D, I’ve seen them fail even under light hobby shop use, and in less that 6 months in a commercial shop.

9:23 am
September 3, 2019



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It depends. The strongest I’ve seen is the old Makita 3 HP. I know a couple of deck guys who use them for trimming overhangs on decks. Cutting through 1–1/2 inches of pressure treated lumber in one pass like that would be considered pure abuse by any manufacturer, but that machine does it. My favourite router to use was this old Delta I got from someplace. It was small, but it was easy to see what you were doing and it was easy to control. It was likely 25 years old when it finally died. If you are a beginner I can recommend you this reviews.

5:21 am
September 11, 2019


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Thanks for the answers folks but what about education? This is very important to me because I don’t know how to use a wood router. I want to learn more.

5:25 am
September 11, 2019


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6:24 am
September 23, 2019


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