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Who designed


10:09 pm
April 21, 2009

king cobra

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that'd be wayy too much work for slant…you're expecting him to produce all these beats, run this site, design it, design other sites for ppl, have a life, etc. lol…they did market graphix for a while, but that was through hala-x and hala draws most of his stuff and it looks sickkk

11:39 pm
April 21, 2009


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Somewhere near a bunch of beavers….


illest wun said:

Shadow said:

well its a heavily modifed wordpress template.

about 85-90% of the design is by slantize himself. the only thing that really resembles the original template is really the left hand navagation bar. thats pretty much it.

everything else slantize pretty much redesigned himself, the buttons, and all that, the banner, all that jazz. theres a lotta sites that look similiar to svp, but svp still reigns superior ;) lol

Honestly man I dont believe it. Cuz the site design is dope - like really dope. If Slantize was that good, hes good at marketing, and he would market his web design skills.

well its true, but its not easy i mean…designing websites takes a long time, certainly not worth it if hes already producing beats/runnin this site and who knows what else hes got going on right. designing sites are great if you have the time to do it, and also if the person he designs for doesnt like it and wants a whole nother thing, it kills more time. so yeah..

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