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Why 5052 Aluminium Alloy Sheet To Corrosion In Marine Atmospheres Is Excell


9:34 pm
June 24, 2022


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5052 aluminum alloy sheet is widely used in the marine field. Why is 5052 Aluminum Sheet excellent for corrosion in the marine atmosphere?

Aluminum 5052 is generally manufactured without hot working. Due to its ductility, it is very easy to cold form in the annealed state. Forming loads and tool and press wear are generally less than carbon steel. For punching and blanking, the punch-to-die clearance should be approximately 7% of the thickness of each side in H32 and H34 conditions. Sharp tools are required.

Indicative minimum bend radius for 90° cold forming of various thicknesses, t mm

Processability 5052 is easy to process by conventional methods. It should be machined at high speed with sufficient lubrication to avoid thermal deformation of the workpiece. Sharp tools are essential. High speed steel or tungsten carbide can be used. The cut should be deep and continuous, and the cutting speed should be fast. Woodworking machinery may be suitable for short runs. Soldering 5052 is easy to solder by standard techniques. It is usually welded by tungsten gas arc welding (TIG) or gas shielded welding (MIG). Aluminum must be very dry and clean to avoid weld contamination and porosity. Use filler metal 1100, 4043 or 4047. 4043 is the most crack resistant. Use 1188 fill metal for best color matching. The shielding gas must be dry and free of hydrogen.

heat treatment

5052 marine grade 4 x 8 aluminum sheet is annealed at 345°C, the time and cooling rate at that temperature are not critical. Stress relief is rarely required, but can be done at about 220 degrees Celsius. If there is concern about loss of strength, a stress relief test should be performed.

Typical strength and ductility of alloys 5005 and 5052 in the H32 and H34 tempers

Source from aluminumbbs/. For more technical questions or consultation, please contact the company mailbox: E-mail: August Huawei-aluminum