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With the rapid development of cosplay


9:18 pm
September 25, 2021



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Due to the popularity of games in mainland China in recent years and the influence of foreign animation, more people began to like COSPLAY, and now there are various COSPLAY groups on the Internet. (The Legend of the Sword and the Chivalrous Man series has been imitated by many domestic COSer. As well as well-known foreign animation and games, such as Naruto, Death, Inuyasha, Rebel Lu Lu Xiu, Tennis Prince, etc.) Nowadays, COSPLAY can be attended by minors.

With the rapid development of cosplay,holding some activities for the behavior of cosplay which is appearing gradually,the form is similar to the dancing of making up. So more and more people can see those coders who wear the stranger clothes in many places,they can understand the culture of cosplay.