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you know what i hate?


9:10 pm
August 20, 2009

Chevelle James

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Akron, OH


a dot said:

i hate when i think of a rhyme in the shower and cant remember it…Yell

lol defiantly happend to me the other day.

All composed beats

9:19 pm
August 20, 2009


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ftw85boss¢Za�� said:

Xehanort said:

I hate women.

Wow….r u gay or a virgin??  Honestly I hate b*tchez…..male or female….i love women, u jus need to fuqk wit a lady n not a b*tch if datz why u hate women.    Wit dat bein said, do u hate all women or a certain group of em, bcuz ur mom, grandma & im sure ya sister r women dude…..holla back

I'm neither a homosexual nor am I a virgin.

Tbh, I'm just very predjudice against all women because of the way they are. Yes, this includes my mother, grandmother, and sister. I just said I hated “them” in a thread a few days ago because I was beyond infuriated at this recent mishap I had(thanks a lot Roz haha) and in this thread to be “funny.”

Ironically, I still want all daughters.